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The Welfare Rights Case Management System is a unique solution, which enables multiple services and agencies to collaborate effectively in order to provide the benefit, money and welfare rights advice and support required by those in need.

Best Value

Significant reductions in the time and effort required to administer each welfare rights case can be achieved.

Integrated Benefit, Money and Welfare Advice

Comprehensive built-in Money Advice, Benefits Advice, Claim and Appeal facilities

Enables Collaboration

Allows different teams or agencies, providing different aspects of advice and support to the same client, to collaborate securely using the same system, improving the overall efficiency of the service

Income Gain Assessment

Analysis of caseloads and Income Gain allow management to assess the effectiveness and benefits of the service provided.

Caseload Profiling

Profile clients by Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Marital Status, Employment, etc. in order to analyse the needs of each group and provide a more effective, client- specific service

Case Officer Assignment

Case Assignment to individual Case Officers allocates responsibility

Workflow Diary

Integrated Diary function allows all follow-up activities to be easily managed

Campaign / Initiative Outcomes

Campaigns and initiatives can be easily created and managed with resulting outcomes recorded

integrated Document Management

Automated document production allows standard documents to be issued quickly and efficiently, using Word

Effective Management Reporting

Effective Management Reporting by reports and graphs allows the necessary management decisions to be taken to improve the service to clients


The system is available on either, the traditional license and support fee basis, or the more easily budgeted fixed implementation cost and monthly rental option, which does not require a capital budget.

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