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The CARS system is an innovative solution, unique in the marketplace, which enables organisations to create a Single View of Accounts, or Single View of Debt, for each customer.

This enables joined up customer management across the organisation, including arrears recovery, and eliminates the huge problems currently associated with accounts and interactions for the same customer spread across different departments and systems.

Key Features and Benefits Include:


Citizen Focus

Consolidation of account details from all Back Office systems provides a Citizens view of related accounts, i.e. a Single View of Accounts or Single View of Debts, which allows these to be managed as a single case.

case management

Case Management: Unique Corporate Approach

Focused on Case Management at a Corporate Level, i.e. Citizen case records are accessible to staff across an organisation to improve inter-departmental awareness of circumstances and co-ordinate activities for the authority.


Digital Transformation Core Hub

Overcoming the issues of poor integration between traditional Back Office ‘Silo’ systems, CARS provides the common platform of consolidated Citizen information that forms the ideal core hub on which to coordinate an organisations services, and implement corporate digital services. A proven platform actively enabling authority transformation.


Improved Efficiency and Performance

Process automation features of CARS, combined with the consolidation of cases, substantially reduces the level of manual resources required to manage each caseload. These significant efficiency gains release resources that can be applied to improving performance in other areas.


Extending Communication Channels

Managing communications on a Citizen basis significantly reduces the number of contacts traditionally required by each different department involved. CARS extends the communication options for Citizens to include Email and SMS Text in addition to the traditional letters.


Back Office System Independence and Integration

Back Office systems independence is a feature of CARS that ensures that it can be deployed in any situation regardless of the different combinations of back office systems that information is retrieved from. CARS provides an in-built integration capability to retrieve all required information from the source systems used at each site.


Comprehensive Citizen Arrears Management

CARS enables citizen arrears to be managed on a Citizen consolidated account basis, i.e. taking into consideration all related accounts from different departments. This provides the option for a single point of contact for Citizens rather than having to contact all departments involved separately. Voluntary arrangement can be agreed and automatically monitored or further action can be taken if necessary but in a coordinated manner for the organisation overall.

payment distribution

Payment Distribution

Rather than Citizens having to make complicated payment arrangements for each different debt type, a single agreed payment can be made to CARS which will distribute the payment, as agreed, to each source system. This significantly reduces the number of payments to be processed and greatly simplify the payments requested from Citizens.

case management

Automated Attachment of Benefit / Direct Deduction Request

Ordinarily very time consuming, CARS automates the Direct Deduction (AOB) request process, identifying eligible cases that are in arrears for which no deductions are being received, and submits an electronic DWP request. This process has proven to increase deductions by 300% annually, £460,000 in one case, with a single process run monthly.


Management Information

Management decisions on strategy, resources and funding require an accurate understanding of the caseload. CARS’ case management approach provides the information and business intelligence required to make those decisions with confidence, without interrogating each individual source system.


Partner Referrals

Closer co-operation between organisations and their external agents is enabled by the option within CARS for third parties to have access to cases that have been referred for their attention. This can be external recovery agents, advice agencies, bailiffs or sheriff officers. Automated interfaces also enable the transfer of information to partners and the receipt of response files which can be actioned.


Benefit and Money Advice Inclusion – Income Maximisation

Ensuring that Citizens are provided with the appropriate advice for both Benefit Entitlement and also Money Advice is essential in reducing levels of debt. CARS enables Benefits and Money Advice departments and agencies to become involved and have cases referred directly to them.

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