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One of the easiest to use and most comprehensive software solutions for the administration of House Sales, including Right To Buy, Right To Acquire and Rent To Mortgage, which reduces the cost of each sales application processed.

Key Features and Benefits


The system boasts Automatic Discount Calculations for all schemes and significant reductions in the time and effort required to administer each sales application can be achieved, saving your organisation time and money


The system is easy to use and learn and is operational either Stand Alone or with links to Housing Systems

Value for Money

House Sales Administration is cost effective, simple to install and can be operational within a few weeks making it an excellent value for oney solution for Local Authorities and RSL’s alike.

Monitoring of Statutory Timescales

Performance reporting is an integral part of the House Sales Administration package and reporting against internally agreed timescales for each key stage of the house process, allows any bottlenecks to be identified and addressed.

100+ Documents

Have the 100+ internal and external documents involved in the House Sales process generated automatically at the push of a button with copies being kept for future reference.

Statutory Returns

The preparation of Statutory Returns can be very time consuming. The House Sales system automatically generates, as standard, the information required to complete the returns.

Management Info

Have access to key management information in graphical form for inclusion in reports and presentations.

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