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Support Services

Merchant Software limited will provide ongoing support of newly developed systems or the support of legacy systems designed either in-house or by a third party.

Support Agreement

All of the application support provided by Merchant Software Limited is undertaken on the basis of a Support Agreement.  This agreement defines the application and / or system to be supported and the services which are to be provided by Merchant Software Limited.

Support Services

The services provided under the terms of the Support Agreement are normally defined as an agreed number of days for the year which can be called upon as required by the client. This arrangement allows the Client to call upon different skills at different times as required to resolve any support issues which arise.

Support Scope

Merchant Software Limited have recognised that support can be required for a wide range of issues which affect the operation of a system which is why Merchant Software Limited is happy to provide not only problem solving support but also assistance in the re-documentation of systems, the enhancement of the system and migration of the system to more up to date platforms.

For more information, please contact our sales team on 0141 353 5074 or Contact Us.

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