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Development Services

As a software house, Merchant Software Limited utilises a combination of bespoke development, application packages and systems integration skills in order to provide clients with a complete solution that meets their business and operational needs.

Bespoke Development

Merchant Software Limited utilises a range of rapid application development tools for the development of effective, efficient and robust up to date applications.

Application Data Conversion

A key aspect of all downsizing, upsizing and software package implementation projects is the conversion and load of existing data.  Merchant Software Limited is experienced in successfully undertaking large scale data conversion exercises.

Software Package Installation

Merchant Software Limited can provide support in the implementation of software packages, particularly where this is part of a systems integration project.

Systems Integration

Where the overall solution for a client requires both an element of bespoke development and also the services provided by one or more software packages Merchant Software Limited can handle the integration of the various elements.

System Upsizing and Downsizing

Merchant Software Limited has experience of both the downsizing of systems hosted on legacy mainframes and the upsizing of applications originally developed for use by a few users on to larger databases.

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